The Sims 3 Showtime.

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The Sims 3 Showtime.

Post by AryaDie on Sun 29 Nov 2015, 02:05

@MrRod wrote:
@JennySims3Love wrote:

I'm having issues installing on mac as well. MrRod can you please explain (in depth) how to make an iso or dmg file? I'm not too familiar with how to use the Disk Utility program. Sad

No problem! I'll tell you step by step what you got to do to make the installer work.

First we have to unrar the Showtime file. I recomended you to use StuffIt Expander, as it creates a folder with all the files inside. If you're gonna use any other program make sure it does the same, otherwise it's better if you create a folder, throw the rar file in it and then unrar it. This is just to be completely sure that no file will go missing in your Downloads folder or wherever you downloaded the expansion. After that see how much space does it needs. In my case the unrared folder was 4,1 Gb. So with that information we open Disk Utility and click on New Image. It will open a bunch of fields to chose and write. The first one is the "Save As" This will be the name of the file in your computer, i named mine "Sims 3 Showtime" as i saved all the discs like that. Below that you can chose where to save the image we are going to make. Next one it says "Name". This is the name that will appear once the image is mounted as a disc, and in my case i named it "Sims3EP06". So till now it was mostly to be organized, but here comes the part where you have to pay attention to. Where it says "Size", the last option it gives us is to personalize and write exactly the amount of Gb, Mb, etc. As my unrared folder was 4,1 Gb, i made it 4,15 Gb just to be sure everything will fit. After this step just check if the very last field "Image Format" says "Disc Image reading/writing" or something like that. Click "ok" or "create" or whatever your version says and it will start creating it. Congrats! You just made the very first huge step towards installing the game!

Once it's done, i think by deafult it will open your empty dmg image. If not, just go to where you saved it and double click on it. You should now see it on the side bar of the finder. Go back to where you have your unrared folder of the game and copy all the content in it into the open empty image. Check you didn't left any file behind. You have to be sure than the first thing you see when you open the image is the installer. Meaning "Sims3EP06 > (and all the other files)" and NOT like this "Sims3EP06 > Showtime Folder > (and all other files)". You can now delete your unrared folder left on the Downloads folder. All the content has been saved in the image and every time you open it you will be able to access to it. DO NOT delete the original rar file (nothing will happen if you do, this is just to help others out)... Please be kind and seed! It's the proper way to be helpful to others. The admin and Lady have been very kind to gives us this games, and many other have been helping out with tech support here. So at least for a month or so seed so other people can get the game to! Otherwise karma will lag your game... =)

Well now the fun part! Open your newly created Showtime image and double click on the You should have no problem now with it. Follow the instructions and install it! REMEMBER NOT to update to 1.32 yet as the fix won't be useful! Crack the base game with the fix and enjoy your game!

Hope this step by step explanation helped you! HAPPY PLAYING!

I'm sure I did everything you said, however, my mac keeps telling me that it won't open  Why God.  
Any help here? Oh my...

Mod edit: topic split. Next time, please open a new topic in the correct forum section straight away. Thanks. Smile

- Carlos


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Re: The Sims 3 Showtime.

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 16:45

Hi! Sorry, maybe @Phoebe, our Mac Expert, can help you when she comes around, eventually.

Meanwhile, can you run your game using a Windows Emulator? It would be a good temporary fix and you would install the game as if you were working on a Windows PC.

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