Sims 3 Crashing!!

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Sims 3 Crashing!!

Post by kolbyu on Sun 29 Nov 2015, 05:07

So, I was deciding to play TS3 after a few hours of TS4. I opened Origin and It updated TS3. After that I clicked play. It loaded as normal but then It crashed at the loading screen, no error message, just closes out. I've got no clue why it's doing this... HelpWhy God. Why God.


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Re: Sims 3 Crashing!!

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 16:46

Sorry to hear that! You don't need to update the game using origin.

Where is your game installed? Did you use our stuff to install it or did you install the game through origin?

I own the game, but I prefer to use our installers and I do as I show in the video below.

Please, keep us posted, and sorry for the belated reply!

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Kind regards!

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