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Missing Content?

Post by BonitaBonitaBonita on Sun 29 Nov 2015, 17:40

I have downloaded the Ultimate Fix, the Fix Update as well as Sim Architect's Spa Day and Cool Kitchen Stuff. I do however have the Granite Falls and Get to Work. My problem is that I do not have Spa Day, Cool Kitchen Stuff or any of the other packs, or Newcrest. Not sure how to get them. If someone could tell me how, that'd be great.


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Re: Missing Content?

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 16:50

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Please try Get Together (shown in the video below, with links).

If you follow the instructions of my video it's very likely you will have everything released so far.

Keep us posted!

Tea 5 Tea 5

How to Install The Sims 4 with Get Together, Spooky Day and All Previous DLC

Kind regards!

The Sim Architect

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