Sims 3 Error 12 (MAC)

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Sims 3 Error 12 (MAC)

Post by Kali21 on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 02:52

Ok everything works fine, I just got the error 12 message tho and my sim doesn't even have kids yet! I know it's a memory error.. I read the forum post about the sims 3 errors and it said to save often and i have been saving manically like every 1-2 sim days or something in alternating name files. I have also disabled memories from the beginning. I also read this: 
{@=9783}bonionionring{/@} wrote:83' class='mentiontag' title='Viewing profile: bonionionring'>@bonionionring wrote:[/mention] wrote:ah I think I have solved this problem. Just tips, what I did was just minimised it then I moved (even if I deleted it, it won't affect too much since the game would recreate this package as I saved it) travelDB.package on this root C:\Users\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves and opened the file I wanted the game saved. I went back to the game and just saved it. The Error 12 code gone, I could save it again.

So my question is, from where do i move this .package? And just to be clear.. Do i move it into the game folder of the game i want to continue?

I also read this:
A final thing you could do is compressorize your save file using s3rc.exe from the decrapifying tools. That'll get rid of junk files. It's definitely not something you should do very often
Can I delete the junk files otherwise? If not, how can i do this in a mac? And why we shouldn't do it often?
In general i think this error has happened to me way before it should, i mean, i have read that people usually get it after more than 1 generations of gameplay, and as i said, my sim is still a young adult (started from young adult).

Thank you in advance xx

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Re: Sims 3 Error 12 (MAC)

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 16:57

Please, use "Save As..." instead of regular save, and let's know if you got your problem solved...

You're not supposed to change game/mod files with the game running, sorry.

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Save As video tutorial:

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