Sim is missing from his frame

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Sim is missing from his frame

Post by JustAnne on Mon 30 Nov 2015, 04:07

I have problem with missing sim. 

So, i downloaded from really good site some hairs and stuff. I've got some stuff like that ealier and evthg was ok (from this site too). I used to download only hair and clothing, nothing "big". 

But now, when i'm trying put sth on my sim i can see evthg in CAS and in game but sim is missing from his frame. In avatar I can see only loading sign or nothing.
It's very annoying. 

Ok, so i've already tried reset my sim many times after that but nothing happened and my sim is still missing from that frame. I've also tried clicking on dresser, went to plan outfit, changed outfit and save sim. Unfortunately without any success. Of course I deleted some stuff from net too, but I hope I won't have to delete all of them.

I've got Ultimate Fix and Get To Work.

Can someone help me please? I will be grateful for any help or advice/ideas, anything.


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Re: Sim is missing from his frame

Post by Sim Architect on Wed 16 Dec 2015, 16:59

Sorry, but what do you mean with your sim "missing" from the frame?

Kind regards!

The Sim Architect

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