I'm new in this site, please read.

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I'm new in this site, please read.

Post by Nura on Wed 12 Oct 2011, 15:51

Hi beloved Simmers, i just downloaded base,late night,and generations (DLing HEL stuff atm). I just have a tinee-tiny problem that I am a bit concerned of.

Quote: "It looks like you have installed an unofficial game modification that does not match your current version of The Sims 3. We recommend that you either uninstall these game modifications or get updated versions of them -- otherwise you may experience crashes or significant bugs."

Do you want to quit?

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I was concerned of this coz it mentioned the word "crash" and "bugs"

And ofc i dnt want those things to happen while I'm playing. Please help me Sad

NOTE: I am a computer nublet, nubcake, or just plain NOOB Very Happy


and can i use the create-a-world in the sims3 site? can i buy stuff in the store? sorry for questions, im just new in playing this game and i kinda enjoyed it ... A LOT!!!

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Re: I'm new in this site, please read.

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Wed 12 Oct 2011, 16:53

Welcome to the official Games4theworld forum!
The warning you're receiving is nothing serious, though they would like to make you believe it is! Applying the latest fix takes care of that annoying error though. Watch the instruction video to help you apply it correctly.
Create a world can be downloaded here and G4TW also has monthly updates from The Sims store here. Getting stuff from the exchange is also possible, here's a guide on how to do that. Normally you'd have to register your game in order to buy from the store or download from the exchange, registering a pirated game is impossible however, these tips get you around that problem.
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