No game disc found

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No game disc found

Post by reggaelizard on Sat 23 Jan 2016, 15:19

I'm trying to install The Sims 3 on a OSX 10.7.5 and I'm getting this error box

Here's what I did, step-by-step (all my torrents are from G4TW):

1. Installed the base game as detailed in the installation guide (two disk images and so on)
2. Manually applied patch 1.67
3. Installed all the expansions except Into the Future from disk images; I didn't use any # Crack folders
4. Applied the Ultimate Fix up to and excluding step 11
5. Applied patch 1.67 again (yeah, this was messy, but some of the guides seemed to contradict each other so I really wasn't sure if I had to do this before or after having installed the expansions and applied the fix)
6. Step 13 of the Ultimate Fix
7. Tried to start the game, got 'Unknown error occurred', turned my computer off and on again as recommended by every IT professional, got 'Unknown error occurred' again, did this
8. Tried to start the game again; this time I managed to get the launcher running but when I hit the play button I got the 'No game disc found' error message
9. Did this
10. Tried to start the game yet again, kept getting the same error message
11. At this point I noticed I hadn't even downloaded Into the Future, so I got the torrent from here and installed it from a disk image
12. Tried to start the game and got 'No game disc found' (I don't know what I was expecting really)

Any help?


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Re: No game disc found

Post by CHall10006 on Mon 25 Jan 2016, 04:42

You have to use the Crack Folder, replace TS3W.exe and the dll file in the install location. Otherwise it will need a disk.

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