Origin Bug only in TS4.exe

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Origin Bug only in TS4.exe

Post by rf442 on Thu 11 Feb 2016, 16:28

Hi Guys,

i searched a lot in this forum and on google to find a fix for this.

I downloaded everything from this page

Basic Sims 4
Get to Work
Get Together

I tried to install this 3 times now.

On my own PC it worked without Problem, first try and with manually change of the language and i start the TS4.exe

Both PCs got Win 10 Pro 64x

On the second PC i installed it on the same way but i get the origin error when i try to start it.
Antivirus off, on the second pc is no origin installed. i dont know why, the TS4 64x .exe is working, but the PC had only minimum requirements so it said instantly that i better start the ts4.exe

Hope you can help me Very Happy


I got it..

i tried it again now .. uninstalled everything, and deleted all files in documents and appdata etc.

i disabled the real time defend from windows defender

but yet i disabled it completly with nodefender tool and installed origin first and after new installation it works.

the thing what really confused me was that the ts4 64x .exe worked


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Re: Origin Bug only in TS4.exe

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 12 Feb 2016, 01:58

Hello and welcome to the forum @rf442,

In our experience, the reason for that is almost always anti-virus software interfering with the game files. You must make sure to configure BOTH Windows Defender and any third-party anti-virus software, to properly exclude the installation location of The Sims 4, from any virus scanning processes.

See this topic for an introduction:

On the other hand, if your TS4_x64.exe works, then I guess this is at least a workaround for the moment.


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