Build mode items removed. [SOLVED]

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Build mode items removed. [SOLVED]

Post by charmingantagonist on Sun 21 Feb 2016, 22:58

I installed Get to Work and Get Together onto a legit base game, then applied the ultimate fix and added the entire Sims 4 folder as an exception to my virus scanner.

Everything seems to work just fine, except when I go to any venue with expansion items I get this message:
One or more items may not be installed on your computer or the EA account that is currently logged in does not have these items.
xx (depends on venue) build items have been removed.

I tried deleting my whole Sims 4 folder in my documents, but still no luck, so it's not the save file. I've also checked if my permissions are set right for all the sims 4 folders and they are. Origin is logged out and closed off. 

Am I doomed because I had to revert my Sims 4 base game back to an older version from the ultimate fix, and should I install games4theworld's base game to fix it all, or is there something else going on and an easier way to fix it?

Removed The Sims 4 folder again, applied Get to Work, Get Together, the Ultimate Fix and, loaded the game, closed the game, put my saves and mods back into that folder, everything works perfectly.


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Re: Build mode items removed. [SOLVED]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 25 Feb 2016, 16:20

Welcome to the forum @charmingantagonist and thanks for letting us know !

Indeed, that would have been our suggestion too (using the hotfix). With the future update though, whenever it will be released, the hotfix will become obsolete, or otherwise integrated into a future update.

But for now, this hotfix needs to be applied. Have fun again, and feel free to open a new topic anytime again, if you need more support on anything we can help with ! Problem solved, topic closed.


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