For everyone that might have the Origin Problem!

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For everyone that might have the Origin Problem!

Post by MexicanPonchos on Wed 02 Mar 2016, 19:25

For all users with the Origin Problem, I have figured out a solution.

Just a bit ago I was like you guys, looking around the web trying to find answers and the answers you might've found didn't work for you. Well I came up with a simple solution. Down below is the step by step process I took.

Step 1:

- In your The Sims 4 Folder, check for another folder called _Redist. Open it, and then open the application named QuickSFV. This shall run through all of the folders and check for which files are "bad". If more than 1 file is bad, use this to guide you to find the other right files for the wrong ones you might have.

Step 2:

- Once you've went through QuickSFV, you most likely will only have 1 bad file; rldorigin.dll. This file is the file that makes origin work with TS4, and allows the whole game to be crack-able. The only real solution is to 1) Find a friend who cracked the game and it works for him, and get the file from him or 2) Look for it on the internet. Number 2 most likely won't work since when I figured this out I spent hours trying to find a good rldorigin.dll file and couldn't find one. I recommend asking anyone here that has the game (cracked) and it works.

Step 3:

- Once you receive the file, copy it into the Bin folder which is under the Game folder. Replace the old file, since it is a bad copy, and retry the QuickSFV that we did in the first step. This will recheck all of the files, including the new one you just put in. If they are all "OK" then you should be good to go and the game should be working perfectly! 

** Guide by MexicanPonchos **


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Re: For everyone that might have the Origin Problem!

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 02 Mar 2016, 19:39

Hello and welcome to the forum @MexicanPonchos,

In the past, I indeed used to upload those specific files separately, so in case the files got damaged by anti-virus programs, people could re-download them.

In our experience though, it is often enough if people re-extract the files from the original .RAR file, and then re-apply the stuff to the Sims 4 installation-folder.

Anyhow, glad to hear you got your game working that way now ! Very Happy  Have fun, and feel free to get back in touch with us anytime again if you want to chat or need support on anything we can help with.

Regards, The_gh0stm4n

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