Patching Problem

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Patching Problem

Post by Kanzaki-kun on Wed 19 Oct 2011, 03:46

Where can I find the 865MB Patch?


I've Installed The Sims 3 and all the Expansions in the right order with no problems

But when I have to update Sims3_1.26.89.013001_from_1.23.65.012001.exe(318.7MB Patch) at the end of the installation the installer stops at the end and I get this error
"Invalid File Found"

Any solution to this?

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Re: Patching Problem

Post by Narong30 on Wed 19 Oct 2011, 07:33

Ok, in order to update the game to the latest version. You must replace the crack file with the original (Before you begin with the update process) Otherwise, you'll get "Invalid File Found" Error.
By the way, take a look how to update your game Manually


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