The sims 3 generations error pop up "0x024e424f"

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The sims 3 generations error pop up "0x024e424f"

Post by Ellaina on Wed 04 May 2016, 16:21

Hello , I got a problem with my sims 3 expansions.. I have Sims 3,Supernatural (Already installed) and just downloaded Generations. After I installed Supernatural everything worked so I thought I should add Generations which I downloaded from a Torrent. Once I cracked  it and pressed the button play on the menu an error popped up once the screen went black saying  "unable to start game service initialization failed 0x024e424f" then it had two options -> Search for a solution online or -> close the program. I googled it since I had no clue and I came up to another post in this forum with the same problem , I followed the link and downloaded the fix , I copy pasted the cracks as guided. Now the error is gone but when I enter the game it shows that generations has been installed but in the game it doesn't show up it runs normally Supernatural. ( I have uninstalled and installed the patches 3 times, I have tried mount and unmount with daemon tools or Iso it still ditches me, and I am sorry if I posted on a wrong topic just registered) Why. Why.

I actually fixed that problem the Generations was running underneath Supernatural. I had to go into the game to see it (Saw it through "Lessons" button in game before you choose the town). The problem now is that whenever I pick a town to start when the loading bar starts after it goes mid-way or a little further the game crashes. Sad

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Re: The sims 3 generations error pop up "0x024e424f"

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 04 May 2016, 22:44


Hello and welcome to the forum @Ellaina,

I moved your post to the correct section. Smile  Have you tried a(re-)applying the manual patch, followed by the Ultimate fix ? Please do the steps #2, #4 and #5 from this little guide here:

Then try running the game again.
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