The Sims 4 Not Opening

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The Sims 4 Not Opening

Post by ItzMeeBabe on Tue 31 May 2016, 04:10

I have looked in the guide on how to install version of The Sims 4 to my mac and it's been a rollercoaster all day. I first installed the base game and played to see if it was working, it played. I then proceeded to download and install GTW and once I copied the files over it gave me an error. I thought I did something wrong, I looked all up and down that post for a solution and I just decided I would start over. I uninstalled The Sims 4 from the wrapper and deleted the wrapper and started over, copying GTW AND GT files over as advised and now the game does not open. It looks like it's trying to run but then quickly closes out. I also have downloaded the Ultimate Fix. I don't know what to do, I can't find any answers.


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