Sims 4 bin folder problem

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Sims 4 bin folder problem

Post by Polstrey on Wed 15 Jun 2016, 09:59

so i have everything set up but the bin folder keeps saying its open elsewhere and i cant put the expansion packs in also whenever i start up the initialization error comes up and the fix the admin has up isn't helpful cause its all white listed I'm so frustrated and i made an account just to ask for help so please if you have any idea how to help me I'd be so grateful I tip my fedora.

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Re: Sims 4 bin folder problem

Post by Tarac on Wed 15 Jun 2016, 11:05

When you start the game you'll notice some cursor-activities but nothing happens

Caused by Origin because Origin is active somewhere on your computer.
Close Origin - also look at the ^sign in your taskbar, click on it and check the window for the icon of Origin,

Error: Origin is not active

Inspite of this error-message, Origin is active somewhere on your computer
Solution: see above

Cannot start

Probably your AV has disabled the crack (32-bits). Close your AV, download the Crack, unpack with Winrar and copy/paste the files into your installation folder, by default C:\Program Files(x86)\The Sims 4\Game\Bin.
Put RldOrigin.dll  (or the whole Bin folder) in the exceptions of your AV

Another reason could be that your installation folder is in Origin Games or Electronic Arts.
Solution: Rightclick on your folder The Sims 4 and chose Cut in the pop-up menu
Go to the folder Program Fils(x86), serach for an open space, rightclick again and chose Paste.
Make new shortcuts from the new location Game\Bin of TS4.exe (32 bits) and/or TS4_x86.exe

The contents of your user data were created by a newer version, please udate via Origin.

You probably have a ligit copy of the basegame and have updated recently via Origin.
After installation of the pirated expansions you're set back to version
Solution: Go to the folder The Sims 4 in My Documents - Electronic Arts.
Rightclick on the file GameVersion and select open with ...  Take f.e. Notepad.
Change the version number to and save the file.

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