What job/profession does your Sim have?

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What job/profession does your Sim have?

Post by MilosGamerSRB on Wed 15 Jun 2016, 15:37

Hi guys,
You can post here what job/profession does your Sim have.

My sim profession is Acrobat (Join by installing Sims 3 Showtime) and his wish is to reach level 10.

Post your answers below!!
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Re: What job/profession does your Sim have?

Post by Aɾყα on Wed 15 Jun 2016, 19:31

My current Sim is a writer/painter. Her lifetime wish was to earn x amount in book royalties each week (3000 or 4000, not sure) and she has reached that. She's also a painter because I let her alternate between writing and painting to balance fun and comfort.
There are 5 more Sims in that household, her roommates from university. They're between semesters now and I'm having them all build some skills. 
I'm populating the world I'm building, so that's why I'm taking some Sims from uni into the neighbourhood once they graduate.

After they graduate, they will all lead their own lives and I will only play the original Sim and her fiance.
I actually started with 8 Sims in that household after the semester, but one of the males for abducted and pregnant so he and his girlfriend dropped out of uni and moved to their own apartment.


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