CAS is acting a bit weird for me.

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CAS is acting a bit weird for me.

Post by Billersen on Tue 5 Jul - 12:40

Hi guys!
Hope you all have a nice day or night. Wink

I have 2 smaller problems with the sims 4 is the create a sim-part.
I lot of times when i'm moving something on the sims face or body for an example; yesterday i tried to make my sims eye a bit smaller, bit of some reason right when i clicked the eye it became super-huge even without moving my mouse.
Is this a bug ofsome kind? Can it be fixed or should i just live with it and wait for the next fix? Smile

And; why is it that some cc items doesnt show up i CAS when i click on them? Like a top i got made my sims upper body invisible? Why is that? Oh my...



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Re: CAS is acting a bit weird for me.

Post by simmer_tony on Tue 5 Jul - 13:15

I really don't know what's with 1 st CAS part. I've had similar problem and it was fixed by restarting PC and cleaning part of mouse that's on your desk.
Maybe, you have set your mouse settings to high sensitivy. This is unlikely, but you maybe did. If mouse reponds good in other programs, including Windows and other games it may something to The Sims 4.

Well, insvisible clothing can be caused by many diffferent thins. Here are few of possible solutions:
1) Try going to creators site and see if you need specified addon for piece of CC.
2) Try going to creator site to see if you need to download mesh for CC.
3) Try lowering Graphics settings.
4) In Graphics settings uncheck Laptop mode option.
5) Maybe it's outdated mod.
6) Maybe mods isn't provided for your version of The Sims 4. If you have pirated The Sims 4 you know that we haven't got new fix 10 months. So, that piece of CC is maybe predicted to use for some later patches.

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