Weird Custom Content Problem

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Weird Custom Content Problem

Post by MommyMayhem on Fri 08 Jul 2016, 19:25

I quit playing Sims 4 for a few months shortly after I installed the latest expansion pack,patch (13.0) and hotfix. Before I stopped playing I had moved all CC to another drive to sort through it since my game took forever to load. Yesterday I decided to play Sims 4 and started adding some of the old content back. Along with some new stuff I downloaded. I am having a heck of a time getting new CC to show up in game but it seems most of the old stuff is showing. Most.... I get a lot of stuff from TSR and am careful that what I get isn't recolors and are from reputable creators and that the creations work for my games. Example: I downloaded a bathroom set that was original mesh base game compatible and out of the 12 pieces of the set only 5 show up. Different creators set, nothing showed up. Another set, 2 pieces show. This is the same for new walls. No show. New floors..nope. Random compatible set..all pieces show. I am so confused. 
Ok, let me start by saying that I have everything installed in the right order, from base game all the way up to the latest hotfix. I have custom content and script mods enabled in game. I disabled them, restated, enabled, restarted. I have deleted and let the game recreate the mods folder and config file. I know what I am putting in the folder is compatible. No recolors, original meshes for sims 4 only. No other script mods or overwrites that would interfere. No sub folders. I really don't want to reinstall. Sad  Could this be a cache file or save of some sort doing this? It's so odd the CC worked fine, the out of nowhere it doesn't. I have Sims4.exe blocked from my accessing the internet but I can't imagine that would do it.
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