Sims 3 Pets Freezes

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Sims 3 Pets Freezes

Post by chartreuse on Fri 21 Oct 2011, 17:10

Hi! First of all, I'd like to thank games4theworld for all the game uploads. You guys are the best.

I've installed Pets after manually updating my game. Everything works except when I tried to create a horse, the screen freezes and that's it. I have to turn off my computer because the screen is just frozen and I can't click anything else. I tried playing the game but after a few minutes of game play, same thing happens, screen freezes. Tried adopting a horse and right after my sim puts the phone down, screen again freezes. I don't have mods/CC except for the games4theworld store updates. I even removed the mods folder I created for the store updates but it didn't solve anything. I also removed the downloads folder from the sims 3 folder. All I have installed presently are store updates, Riverview, and Hidden Springs. I've looked into solutions here but all I found were for PC. Was wondering if anyone who's using Mac can help me? Please? Thank you.

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