The Sims 4 suddenly stopped working - "Origin is currently not running" error [SOLVED]

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The Sims 4 suddenly stopped working - "Origin is currently not running" error [SOLVED]

Post by phlp__ on Fri 12 Aug 2016, 15:19

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

First of all thanks for all the great downloads and fixes you've posted before.

I've been playing your version of The Sims 4 without any problems for months, and everything was working perfectly, but then one day I wanted to start the game and out of nowhere I got that godawful message about Origin not running. I must say that I was not adding anything new to the game, no new patches, no new packs or anything, game just stopped working. Also, I have never had Origin installed on my PC.

I've tried searching for the solution on this forum, but nothing seems to work for me. I've even uninstalled the game, downloaded it again along with the ultimate-fix, go through every step, and again the same error. Once again, I've been always using only g4tw version of TS4.

I would really appreciate if someone could help about this, any suggestions what I could potentially missed, or anything.

Thanks in advance!

---EDIT ~~ SOLVED---

Ok guys, chatting with myself here, but maybe someone will find this helpful. Not sure what exactly did a trick, but here's what I did:

-I've deleted ALL The Sims 4 related files, even unzipped downloaded files. I've kept only original zipped download files.

-Turned off Windows Defender and Firewall, and than added both disk C:\ and D:\ (this is where my Downloads folder is) in Exceptions in Windows Defender, and also "Program Files(x86)" and "Program Files" on C:\, and "Downloads" folder on D:\

-Now, this is where I think I've solved the problem - I've opened Task Manager to check if something related to Origin is running, as suggested in some previous posts about this, although I've never had Origin installed, and as I was scrolling down, I've saw something suspicious called "LavaSoft" or something like that - and it turns out it is some kind of a AV program, I guess something that sneaks onto your PC when you are downloading something and you are not very cautious. I don't know how that software ended installed (this is all happening on my girlfriends PC so...), but I've deleted that piece of crap.
So guys, double check if you might have something like that installed on your PC without you even knowing it, go through the task manager to see if something unfamiliar to you is running, and if you notice something you're not sure what it is try googling it to see what's that. In my case it was, as I mentioned, some piece of crappy Antivirus, anti-malware or whatever. Again, I am not 100% if this was preventing game from running, but it seems it's most likely because a) I was following every step of how to install before, and b) TS4 was running normally for like 6 months until two days ago, so I assume that this "LavaSoft" thing got downloaded somehow and screwed things up

-After I've added all of above mentioned Folders in Windows Defender's Exceptions and got rid of that "LavaSoft" thing, I've finally unzipped TS4, Get to work, Get together and Ultimate Fix, and installed game following instructions for each. I have to add that I wasn't trying to run the game before I've installed all of the them, and also I wasn't moving "The Sims 4" folder out of "Electronics Art" folder, until everything was installed. After all was done, I moved "The Sims 4" folder, not into "Program Files (x86)" but into "Program Files". I don't think this made any difference regarding Origin error, but it might be worth mentioning.

-After all of above, I've run TS4_64.exe "as administrator" (pardon me if that is not the exact name of file, but you'll get the point), and everything was working normal. As I've used the latest "Ultimate fix", I now even have things I didn't have before, like Dine Out, Kids Stuff etc.

In conclusion, I think what was preventing me from running the game was that stupid "LavaSoft" antivirus I didn't even know was installed.

Admins can close the topic, it is solved. Smile

Hope someone else will find this helpful. Enjoy playing!


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