Sims bladder needs keeps going down too quickly

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Sims bladder needs keeps going down too quickly

Post by nb2018 on Sat 20 Aug 2016, 00:25

i originally downloaded all of sims 4 stuff from here and i just did the ultimate fix to update my game. Everything is running fine but my sims constantly have to pee. i lost count of how many times they've had bladder failure. i just thought my pregnant sim was just having going through the side effects but i noticed this was happening with my other sims too. Is this happening to other people? and If so how'd you fix it?

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Re: Sims bladder needs keeps going down too quickly

Post by simmer_tony on Sat 20 Aug 2016, 12:39

Hello, and welcome to the forum,  Very Happy
try to delete your cache.
Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and delete the localthumbscache.package and cachewebkit file in this directory.
If this does not help, we will delete more cache files.

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