Sims 4 Shadow Problems

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Sims 4 Shadow Problems

Post by saltedsalt on Mon 22 Aug 2016, 08:44

Hi, I haven't found anything to help me fix this so I don't know what else to do I is confused  - I've tried changing the graphics settings and reinstalling the game in a new wrapper etc (also downloaded from a different uploader). But every time I try to play the shadows of the Sims are messed up, they get stuck in one spot while the Sim moves around. It only happens indoors, the outdoor shadows look completely normal. Not sure if this is wineskin's fault or my computer's fault, but I can't seem to find anything about it. I'm using the updated fix and everything ( version of the game). Would be grateful for any help with this, I added some pictures to show you what I mean.
Thanks Smile


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