Expansion Packs not working...Even after installed correctly.

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Expansion Packs not working...Even after installed correctly.

Post by Redshimi on Tue 23 Aug 2016, 04:13

So, I'm running into several problems with this installation and download of the sims 4. And I've looked for a thread that addresses my problems without being outdated but unfortunately I haven't come across one.

I bought the base copy of the sims 4 from origin. When installing the cracked expansion packs, I removed the game from the origin folders and was able to run the new SIMS 4 ULTIMATE FIX with the dine out game pack, but haven't come across any other pack installed into my game.
This isn't to say I haven't had the content pop up before. I was able to get dine out, movie stuff, and another pack (I forgot) to pop up on the main menu, but the game froze when I exited out of the dine out pop up and I had to start the whole game over again. Now when I load it, it only loads dine out. There seems to be no kids stuff, or any of the other stuff packs, game packs, or expansion packs popping up. I would assume a tutorial or a notification saying something along the lines of "You've got new stuff check it out!" would show up. And isn't there suppose to be another world loaded into the game as well? 
Like I said, I've moved everything where it needed to go and I'm able to run the game with and without custom content, but I run into the error of not having the expansion packs show up in my game.  Why God.
Do I need to move the expansion pack folders into C: >Program files (x86) The Sims 4    ..? 

Or C: >Program files (x86) Electronic Arts?
Or C: >Program files (x86) Origin games?

Any help would be really appreciated!

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Re: Expansion Packs not working...Even after installed correctly.

Post by Tarac on Tue 23 Aug 2016, 09:53

Your installationfolder The Sims 4 can be placed anywhere except in a folder Electronic Arts or Origin.

Once you have the expansions installed and played the first time, the pop-ups will no longer appear.
If you want to be sure about the installed expansions, then make a new The Sims 4 folder in My Documents - Electronic Arts by renaming the existing The Sims 4 folder to f.e. The Sims 4_old.
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