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Post by keepingupwithsb on Wed 31 Aug 2016, 18:17

I knew downloading this game i would run across a few things but my game has so many glitches i truly cant enjoy. 

1) my sky is gray, its like big black grey clouds and i know thats not what suppose to be.
2) if i make a single couple and leave that family and make another family the other family dont isnt sims suppose to live as if your still playing them? meaning getting married, having baby?? my sims dont do it. they grow old with no family tree.
3) if a sim dies at my restaurant it makes all my sims stand up, all my guest and they arms stretches and then they back to normal but it does it repeatedly until the reaper decides to take the sim, then things get back to normal and it takes a while for the grim reaper to take the body so my sims steady stretching they arms out 
4) once my teen became an adult her father was no longer her father, they made it like they were acquaintances. her mom was still her mom, her siblings still her siblings but if she wanted her dad to be her lover she couldve. that disappointed me because i wanted a big family tree..

maybe i need to delete something out the folder, i dont know but someone please help!


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Post by Tarac on Wed 31 Aug 2016, 18:32

At least 90% of all glitches are caused by Custom Content and/or hacks.
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