Still got "Unable to start: initialization error at startup"

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Still got "Unable to start: initialization error at startup"

Post by alicethepirate on Wed 21 Sep 2016, 04:22

Hi! First time posting here, but long time lover of the site.
After following the How To Install Sims 4 Correctly topic and then following the "Unable to start: initialization error at startup" post, I'm still getting that notification. 
However step 9 of that post says:

9.) If you are still having problems, try re-applying the "Ultimate fix" of TS4. Or at the very least, re-download and re-apply those relevant files only (TS4.exe, RldOrigin.dll, rld.dll). Ask a team member for a link to the "crack"-only files, if necessary. Whichever download you may choose, I suggest you re-extract it from the .RAR, and re-apply the folders/files. If it still doesn't work, try un-installing TS4 completely, and re-boot the computer. After that, please make sure to re-extract the downloads from their original .RAR archives (if you downloaded them from Games4theworld). Otherwise, if you use the folders that are already extracted, these might have gotten damaged already by anti-virus programs. So again, make sure to start over, and re-extract the stuff from their .RAR files.

I don't appear to have a rld.dll file anywhere in my game folder or in the ultimate fix download. Do I need this file for it to run? Could that be my problem? If so, it would be great if someone could link me to a download of it.
If not, I'm guessing my only option is to uninstall and try again?

Thanks for your help!


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Re: Still got "Unable to start: initialization error at startup"

Post by Tarac on Wed 21 Sep 2016, 05:45

the file rld.dll is the crack for the basegame only.
You do not need this file when you have installed expansions.
In that case the rld.dll is replaced by RldOriign.dll
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