1607 Error code Age of Empires III

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1607 Error code Age of Empires III

Post by Dahia on Sun 09 Oct 2016, 19:49


I recently tried to install Age of Empires III but I think the game installation froze as it was stuck at the end, on something like ''publishing information'' for more than 15-20 minutes. I had to force quit the installation with the task manager but each time I try again to install the game, the setup shows me this error code and it doesn't allow me to go further...

Thanks for your help. Smile


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Re: 1607 Error code Age of Empires III

Post by Webmaster on Tue 18 Oct 2016, 16:08

Hi there,

Only 3 posts since late-2012? Shame on you! Razz

As for your problem, try this: open the .rar file you downloaded using only WinRAR, which can be downloaded from www.games4theworld.org . (Other software might mess up the files)
After opening the .rar file using WinRAR, select all the files in it and drag & drop them to an empty folder on your Desktop. When the extraction has finished, close the .rar file and open the folder on your Desktop. 
Now start by reading the included "# Installation Guide.txt", and you should be able to get the game to work yourself.

Please let us know the result, good luck!



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