Worlds Disappearing?

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Worlds Disappearing?

Post by plyjulia20 on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 16:31

Whenever the game freezes and stops loading, I have to force quit the wineskin wrapper and reload it. But what I find is that once I reopen the game, the two worlds that come with Get To Work and Get Together will always disappear from the main menu. The only way to get them back is if I delete the wrapper altogether and reinstall both origin AND the game itself into a new wineskin wrapper.

Is there any way to work about this? I want to play in Windenburg but it always disappears if my game decides to launch into loading screen indefinitely while placing down a lot. Replacing Ultimate Fix doesn't help to bring the missing worlds back, and simply replacing the expansion pack files doesn't work either. Has to be a complete uninstall and reinstall.


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