My Sim Wont Do Anything!

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My Sim Wont Do Anything!

Post by playfullcat on Fri 25 Nov 2016, 23:23

I downloaded the base game, get to work, get together, and the ulti fix. It launched and everything was just fine. But when I told my sim to do something, she/he would not do it. The task would just disappear, they do some things but mostly not all of them, anyone has this problem? (I can't open with administrator too, the only way it works if I open it with "TS4.exe" I have a 64 bit laptop too. Please reply fast, I don't want to uninstall my sims 4 and do it all over again.


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Re: My Sim Wont Do Anything!

Post by Cat_Eye on Mon 28 Nov 2016, 08:10

Do you have mods? This happened to me when I used outdated versions of some script mods. 
It sometimes happens with MC Commander too, if I play a household, that has a lot of stuff on the lot. It only happens at night and I still don't know what exactly tirggers it.
It might be the population commander, when it's chosing which sims get impregnated ,which get married and after a while notifications also comu up when sims give birth. My solution for this is that I go to manage worlds and play a household that doesn't have many things on the lot for a few hours. Then I can return to the revious household and play it nomally again.

You can download my sims here. Feel free to use them however you want.
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