-1 reputation?

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-1 reputation?

Post by MilosGamerSRB on Mon 05 Dec 2016, 23:02

What does it mean??  Embarrassing... Embarrassing... Embarrassing... Embarrassing...

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Re: -1 reputation?

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 05 Dec 2016, 23:32

@MilosGamerSRB wrote:What does it mean??  :$ :$ :$ :$

Hello again,

There are various things on the Forum that can modify your reputation. For example, if you click on the little "thumbs up" sign on another user's message, the reputation of that other user goes up +1. If you click on the "thumbs down" sign, it goes down -1. Also, if you "thank" somebody for replying to your topic, that reputation of the person you thanked goes up +3, I think.

After some looking, it seems somebody did not like this message here of yours. No, it wasn't me. And before you ask, no, we have no means of telling who it was.

I saw on other Forums that they have a functionality which actually displays who voted in a post. Which may seem dubious (due to "privacy reasons"), but on the other hand I think that can also discourage indiscriminate downvoting/upvoting. Also, I saw some of the more "serious" Forums have that voting turned off completely. Or, there are only positive voting possibilities (thumbs up, praise, high five, beer, etc.)

But I don't think either of these things is possible on Forumotion here. We can either have such a voting system or turn it off completely. My opinion is, we luckily don't have many cases of unfair votings, so that can be used as an argument to keep the system. On the other hand, we all get downvoted frequently, mostly because people simply "don't like" what we say. I think, if someone downvotes, they should also have the decency to actually back up their vote with rational arguments.

But alas, it seems only very few people do it, which is sad, but what can you do? 

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