can't Change Language [SOLVED]

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can't Change Language [SOLVED]

Post by Chris95HD on Thu 22 Dec 2016, 23:22

Hi i have a Problem i cant Change my Language.

I Tried it with the Language Selector but if i start Ts4_x64 in normal (Non Admin) the game dosent Start, if i start ts4_x64 with admin, then the game launch but in english 

i will change the language in german

i changed it in regedit to de_DE and in rldOrigin to de_DE but nothing works can someone help?

Edit: Sorry for my Bad English

EDIT: Solved?!?!   If i Remove all mods in the mods Folder then it is German?!?!? WTF 

How can i fix this and play with the mods?

EDIT3: Got Broken Mods Very Happy


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