Help!! Total Game Issue!

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Help!! Total Game Issue!

Post by KathrynBelle_2010 on Fri 23 Dec 2016, 04:18


I'm no stranger to Games4theworld and the amazing cracks they provide, so naturally I was THRILLED when City Living was released!! I went ahead and downloaded and installed it as I do with all other Sims 4 Ultimate Fixes. And I assumed everything was peachy keen! 

The first time I played with a family (single sim as I hate families), I received a Blue Screen of Death on my PC (windows 7). It hasn't done that in a while, so I was kind of taken aback. Of course, I went ahead and reloaded TS4 again, made a new Sim, and put her in the new city with City Living! 

I save often, as I was victim to countless saving errors with TS3, and when I went to save my new Sim (Save As), it gave me an error 22 code....research says that it's a saving issue with possibly a corrupt save. Upon further playing with the Sim (Just to test if the error 22 code has done anything, it saved my progress on changing the apartment). But it throws the code every time I play now with the new expansion, and it didn't with the previous expansions. My Sims game force closes like no other too now. 

Has anyone had the same problem? If so, how did you fix it? 

Thanks everyone! 

Windows version :
  • Windows 7

System architecture :
  • 64 bits (x64)

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