Sim Doesn't Execute The Interaction to Treat Patient

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Sim Doesn't Execute The Interaction to Treat Patient

Post by Alphyne on Fri 23 Dec 2016, 19:06

Hey guys, I need some help right here..

So the story goes, my sim is a doctor and while working, she does everything (okay maybe not everything) like walking to different spots, she can do that but she doesn't treat the patients.

She's just standing there, staring at the patient, maybe sending some telepathy messages or what....  DedicatedToLorilihim

In the screenshot, she actually has the interaction to treat patient at the queue. But it just doesn't work, it's been in the queue for over 2 sim hours and she knocks off.

This only happens to me after I installed City Living. Previously the interaction to treat patients works fine. Although there were cases whereby she'll go to an occupied bed while admitting another patient (like after X-ray or Treadmill test) and just stops for at least 30 sims minutes.

Does everyone know if there's a fix for this? Thanks in advance ^__^

By the way, I didn't use any mods or CC.

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