Mods take away expansions

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Mods take away expansions

Post by Shiannypoo92 on Sun 15 Jan 2017, 00:57

I have the latest version of the sims 4, with City Living and Vintage glamour stuff. I tried to download the wicked whims mod. I placed the unzipped file into documents>Electronic Arts>Mods. When I started my game up, it took away my expansions, and my save data. It said if I saved the data, I would never be able to get my files back. How do I get the mod without it messing up my game?


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Re: Mods take away expansions

Post by Loonieloose on Sun 15 Jan 2017, 10:59

That mod has an installer version as well. You unzip it and run the installer as administrator. As far as I understand it, you do not place the unzipped file into mods. You have to open it and follow instructions. As I mentioned, it has an installer that comes with it. ( With windows installer )

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