Copying cracked game files, to Origin version (DONE)

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Copying cracked game files, to Origin version (DONE)

Post by RosieGrocki on Tue 17 Jan 2017, 18:51

Hi there.

My son downloaded your copy of the sims 4 just 2 days ago..Yesterday, I found out about the last important toddler update...funny timing.
I read on here and realised, that update won't be available before a time, so I went ahead and bought the game, digital with my Origin account.

Now, before I install it on my son's computer, I need to know what to backup/make copie of, so I can transfere to his new installation.
Will simply copying The Sims 4 folder in my Documents work?
He's got only one family happening because he really just started...with a baby in it whom he'd love to see grow up as a toddler. Smile
I will have to unistall his cracked game too, prior to instaling the new there any important details about this operation I should be aware of?

Also, my understanding of having base game from Origin is that I would need to wait before downloading any ep's on here, until they are updated to 1.26, is that right?

Thank you very much for your support,

So Everything worked and no fuss.
Unistalling the cracked game was done the same way uninstalling any other program, no registery cleaning or else was needed to perform a new install.
I copied 2 folders from the previous install : saves & Tray, and the Option.ini file, because that was suggested.
Then after i installed the new game, i sarted it so it creates all the game files in My documents.
next was just to paste over, both copied folders, and the option.ini file to the new The Sims 4 folder, overwriting the newly created ones.

Started the game again, and everything was as he left it in his previous game. Smile

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