Game won't start after installing Pets?

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Game won't start after installing Pets?

Post by hemmoyay on Sat 28 Jan 2017, 18:40

Hi, I'm kinda new at this sort of stuff so if I did anything wrong or stupid in installing the game, I apologize!

I installed The Sims 3 correctly, following all of the instructions on the installation guide and the thread on here that explains how to install it correctly. Once it installed, I kept getting a white message displayed on the launcher that said 'You are playing a non-final, unauthorized version of The Sims 3' but the game played perfectly fine. I then installed the Seasons expansion pack and once it had installed, it played with no bugs or glitches. 

I then decided to get Pets and I followed the instructions correctly from the guide but once it took me to the launcher, it said it had to do an update. I waited for it to update and once it had finished, the launcher loaded but the bar along the bottom that tells you which expansion packs you have only had the base game and Pets highlighted, even though I had both Seasons and Pets installed and the icons were on the desktop. I could still click the play button so I clicked it and the game loaded as normal. However, when it got to the load game page, I got an error message that said 'Video card not recognized' so I closed it down (which worked for The Sims 4). I then couldn't click anything on the screen, I couldn't open the game or create a new one and the text wasn't showing up. I had to use task manager to close it down due to not being able to click anything.

I restarted the laptop and reopened the launcher but this time, I keep getting either one of these errors each time.
 This was when I opened it from the Electronic Arts folder. It tells me that I need to update the game via the launcher but 1. I already updated the game about three times earlier and 2. I can't open the launcher because it gives me an error message.
This was when I opened it from the desktop.

I have no idea where I went wrong because I followed the instructions exactly. Is there anyway to fix this without having to reinstall everything because it took about seven hours just to download and I'd rather not go through that again? Please help!


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Re: Game won't start after installing Pets?

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sat 28 Jan 2017, 20:41


Welcome to the forum.
For starters, I hope you didn't delete all those RAR files you've downloaded. There are often times when reinstalling is the only option. While it is OK to delete the files you've extracted after installing the game, we always recommend keeping the RAR file in case there's an issue, and of course, to seed it for a bit in your torrent client Wink

Anyway, the first error message there can usually be fixed by using the patch. After that, use the crack from the fix to crack your game.

Please get back to us if that didn't fix your problem.

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