Sims 4GATW/Sims 4 Orgin

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Sims 4GATW/Sims 4 Orgin

Post by SimsIsLoveSimsIsLife on Thu 02 Feb 2017, 20:09

Hi not sure if I am posting this in the right spot but, I have used the sims downloads here for a long time. So I went in for the sims 4 following the basic instructions like I always do, that was working no problem. However with the toddler release I went and installed my legitimate copies of the game to test them out. So when i opened the game I found out all my saves and CC and Mods were in this game already. Initially I was like oh cool no work then. But when I tried to go back to my G4TW copy I noticed there is only one sims 4 folder. It was then I realized my legit copy took over my cracked copy. I was looking around the forums and saw one that was asking how to play them both and have them both installed and took note that I should have created two folders, Too bad I didnt read that forum first. So my issue is how do I get rid of the legit sims 4 copy and pull its updates out of my cracked copy? Is it possible to return it back to the cracked copy or do I have to reinstall the you guys copy all over again to get things back?

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Re: Sims 4GATW/Sims 4 Orgin

Post by Tarac on Thu 02 Feb 2017, 21:28

As you most prbably have learned by now, it is impossible to mix legal and illegal games unless you are prepared never ever again to update via Origin.

Your illegal expansions are now "destroyed" by Origin.
So leave your legit games where they are now and install everything anew from G4TW in a separate folder.

Your folder the Sims 4 in user\documents\electronic arts will clash with the 2 different versions as they are using the same folder for your game progress.
Cnanging names is asking for mistakes.
When you are bi-lignual play f.e. the Origin game in English and the illegal game in French.
Another solution is to create a new user-account in Windows for one of the 2 versions of the game.
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