The Sims Pets Custom Content on a Mac?

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The Sims Pets Custom Content on a Mac?

Post by KIKIWI on Thu 03 Nov 2011, 01:28

I'm getting a lot of mixed answers from various forums, so I wanted to ask just to clarify...

Is the custom contents from the big sites (like Mod The Sims and TSR) working with the Pets expansion on Macs? I know TSR came out with a "fix" program but it's only for Windows...

Does anybody know if it's like how it was pre-Pets or do you have to do something special with the files to mac it work?

I would try it myself, but it took me foreverrrr to get my game to work that I don't want to risk any errors.

ALSO--I wanna thank G4TW for their torrents and guides!!! I found all my solutions here and finally got my games to work (except the Stuff packs but IDC lol) THANK YOU! I love you


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