E3 Live on GameSpot Day 3 starts in 15 hours! [E3 Day 2 Live Updates Included]

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E3 Live on GameSpot Day 3 starts in 15 hours! [E3 Day 2 Live Updates Included]

Post by GuildMaster_Deygus on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 03:47

Well guys I followed E3 Day 2 and here's what I learned...

Not much went on other then the realization of some more new games some we already knew about, others we do not yet know about. Day 2 mostly seemed filled with game interview conferences from developer teams (boring). Hopefully Day 3 will be better but who knows. For now though here's the games we found on this list, pardon if I've repeated any that I mentioned from yesterday.

- Driver, we found the full name of the original Driver series and got an xclusive first look (not mentioned on e3 yet) Ubisoft has released an announcement to fellow exclusive driver fans such as myself that the full game title is Driver: San Francisco

- Little Big Planet 2

- Hawx 2

- Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

- Epic Mickey

- Infamous 2 ( Yes, Cole is Back! )

- Grand Theft Auto V (we all knew that this was inevitable, not another GTA GAME!....*sigh*....)

- Assassins Creed: Brotherhood ( AC II & 1/2? And yes, it will be multiplayer! )

- Bodycount

- Motorstorm 2

- Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

- Medal of Honor

- DJ Hero 2

- Crysis 2

- Onlive Miniconsole (dubbed the console killer) we'll fill you in with more on this later

- Ghost Recon 3

- Bionic Commando 2

- God of War 4

- Need for Speed: Hot Persuit (Remake)

More to come...As we continue following E3 Live so stay Tuned! We'll keep you posted! And also don't forget that tomarrow is Day 3 of the E3 Live on Gamespot!
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Re: E3 Live on GameSpot Day 3 starts in 15 hours! [E3 Day 2 Live Updates Included]

Post by Adwomin on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 20:58

A new Guitar Hero? Wasn't a new one just released?

GTA V? Wow, sounds good to me. Hope they fix the Multiplayer (The one now - GTA IV - really is messed up in MP, because of all the cheaters / hackers) and the graphics will be better. (Even better)

Ghost Recon 3? Same as Guitar Hero; wasn't there just released one?

All with all, sounds like a good gaming year!

Bonsoir, friend.

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Re: E3 Live on GameSpot Day 3 starts in 15 hours! [E3 Day 2 Live Updates Included]

Post by Narong30 on Fri 18 Jun 2010, 00:48

Ghost Recon : Tom Clansy Future Soldier Smile that i'm requested from u admin Smile


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