Unable to start game. Service initialization failed (0x024e424f) [SOLVED]

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Unable to start game. Service initialization failed (0x024e424f) [SOLVED]

Post by gryffindor3596 on Sun 13 Nov 2011, 03:57

EDIT : I got it to work. After doing everything in the *MUST READ* How to install The Sims 3 correctly. I applied the crack that came with the Sims 3 Pets *Fixed* after using the one from The Ultimate Fix. (Maybe I don't have the most updated version* Can someone lock this board?

Hey. I'm trying to install Sims but I keep getting this message when I launch the game.

Unable to start game.
Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)

I've installed :
Sims 3 base game
Sims 3 pets
Sims 3 generations
Sims 3 ambitions
Sims 3 late night

In that order. Then I use the ultimate fix (there is no update) and apply the crack (in the base game folder) but I get this error every time. I don't know what's wrong Sad I used to have all of these and they worked fine but I uninstalled them but now I want to play again. Any help? I've read the other thread with the same problem and nothing seems wrong (I'm on 1.26)

Mod edit: Problem solved, topic closed.
Happy Simming!

- Lady ElDi


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