EA on a banning spree

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EA on a banning spree

Post by BlackDiamond76 on Tue 06 Dec 2011, 18:38

Another reason why i hate EA, and bloody origin.

"EA has apparently banned several gamers
from its Origin forums for questionable reasons, and the forum bans are
carrying over to Origin itself. That means the players are locked out
of their EA games entirely.

RockPaperShotgun reports
that ban-worthy offenses have included quoting someone else’s posted
swear words, using a trollface avatar, and (worst of all) having someone
else mention your username in the same post as an offense word.

That last “offense” got a user perma-banned, with all his Battlefield 3
items and characters deleted. When he pressed the issue, he found that
he was also banned from playing in single player mode and blocked from
playing Bad Company 2 (which, incidentally, he bought through Steam).

EA hasn’t commented on the banning spree, but it appears to be the
result of a content filter run amok. For right now, the best approach
seems to be avoiding the Origin forums altogether."

Oringal link: http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/12/06/ea-origin-bans-of-the-day/

Time for origin to be uninstalled for the 10000th time.
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