Sims 3 Pets TS3W.exe file

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Sims 3 Pets TS3W.exe file

Post by marifergarz on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 15:25

So I downloaded the sims 3 pets and it came with the crack but the thing is that I do not know where to copy those to files called TS3.exe and TSLHost.dll should it be in the sims 3 or sims 3 pets. Also I accidentally deleted both of those files on my sims 3 folder because I thought I had to replace them with these new two ones. So technically the two new files that came with the sims 3 were replaced with those in the sims 3. When I came back to the game I click on play and then a black screen comes and does not do anything I have to force it to quit. I want to get those two old files back so I can at least get the message that said I need to insert a disc. Please if anyone could help me how to solve this. Also I'm using a mac, just so if it makes any difference.
Thanks a lot!

Also does the fact that I bought sims 3 from the store and that I want to use it with an expansion pack off the internet matter? Some people have said so.

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Re: Sims 3 Pets TS3W.exe file

Post by Webmaster on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 18:46


Yes, you have to copy the crack to the The Sims 3 base game folder, not the Pets folder.
That's all I can say. Perhaps the black screen is caused by Mods and/or Custom Content. Do you have any?



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