Problem with PETS 3 installation . [SOLVED]

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Problem with PETS 3 installation . [SOLVED]

Post by sp3cial on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 12:53

I am on "3. Install any other expansions you like. (When installing WA,
just skip the "# Crack" folder AND when installing Late Night, ignore
the Installation Guide, which says you need to reinstall everything)"

So while installing the PETS 3 it asks me on the end
to locate the file : support\readme\el\el_EULA.rtf

But I don't find it and I quit installation. Any clue?

Just to mention that once installed Sims 3.. After I started to install PETS 3, it asked me for an update before installing PETS 3 and I pressed yes, otherwise it could not continue.. This succeed and started installing Pets 3. But at the end there was the above problem. There is not a Support file in the game that I got from your torrent.

SOLVED : Downloaded the FULL/FIXED Pets 3 instead of the FULL. And yes installed and worked! You should check the FULL (not fixed version) or remove it from Torrents if not working.

Admin edit: Yes, but you also could've read the big, bold, red letters on the frontpage of the Forum. ^^ Problem solved, topic closed. Wink



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