can't succeed with sims 3. [CLOSED]

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can't succeed with sims 3. [CLOSED]

Post by rockin on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 19:37

done carefully everything said in this
thread using the fix
, install sims 3 base and pets Expansion and still get this massage.)couldn't make the attachment) after
trying to open the game from the pets crack which is in the base game bin
(didn't put crack in the pets bin , only in the base, and only the pets

"it looks you have installed an unofficial game modification that does not
match your current version of sims 3. we recommend you ether uninstall or get
update version. otherwise... crashes....and bugs " .

i updated the game according to the instructions.
when i chose continue on the options of the massage it doe’s start the
game but it stuck after then

when I’m
trying to open the game from the copied crack on the desktop it says “unable to

game” .

btw, I installed
the game in D drive

I’m working
on this issue for two days and really Desperate,

Please help someone


as i think about it can come from 2 possible reasons.
a. one of the games i installed is defective.
b. i didn't install it right .
here are the steps of my install:
1.installed sims base game .
2.installed pets Expansion .
3.opened base game launcher and updated.
4.copied pets etc. crack (2 items) and pasted it to base game been (replaced with the existing ones ).
5. started game from crack in base game bin .


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Re: can't succeed with sims 3. [CLOSED]

Post by Webmaster on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 22:04



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