Patch 1.29 Problem(see the log thingy) ...

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Patch 1.29 Problem(see the log thingy) ...

Post by qaphsiel28 on Thu 22 Dec 2011, 08:29

I just installed Sims 3 basic and updated it to 1.29.55 through origin ...

I shows this message "
There was an error during startup. Please see the log for more details. "

Can I have a clear and simple solution for it >.< I am honestly not good in computer thingy

I have tried re-installing it, I can play before update.

After update manually (first time I updated through origin,this time I downloaded the patch and installed it), it still doesn't work ...

and I realized there is nothing change in Document>EA>The Sims 3 after patching. Is it normal?
Both the launcher and the skullversion show 1.29 but when I launch it, the message appears.

and bypassing shows Service Initialization failed.

This is the first time patching and installing Sims 3. Before this, I didn't install any CC ...

Should I try the fix all thingy?? I am newbie... and I bought the original version of Sims ... any disadvantage about the fix crack?


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Re: Patch 1.29 Problem(see the log thingy) ...

Post by Webmaster on Thu 22 Dec 2011, 13:48


Didn't you apply this Fix yet: ?
If not, it's always needed in order to update safely, so please apply it now. Be sure to read the instructions VERY carefully. Good luck!



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