Sims 3 World Adventures Startup Troubles

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Sims 3 World Adventures Startup Troubles

Post by now2011 on Fri 23 Dec 2011, 08:00


So I had downloaded the Sims 3 Base Game succesfully a few months ago. These past few days I've been trying to UNsuccessfully install and run the World Adventures Expansion Pack. I did the ULTIMATE FIX to both Bins and I also updated to the new 1.29.

So begins my problem:
At first it was saying that I needed to enter the disc to play the game, from the launcher. I tried to bypass the launcher and even as soon as the game loads, it demands the disc or to quit the game. So I recopied the files from the Ultimate Fix to both the Base and World Adventure Bins again and now when I try to launch the Sims launcher, it turns my screen black. After I close it from the task manager it says and error was encountered with the Launcher.

Any ideas would be so appreciated!


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Re: Sims 3 World Adventures Startup Troubles

Post by Webmaster on Fri 23 Dec 2011, 14:11


First of all, download the latest version of the Ultimate Fix here:

Besides that, please read the included instructions VERY carefully and note that you need at least one of the following expansions in order to make the Fix work: Pets, Town Life Stuff, Generations

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