SIMS 4 WINESKIN - ADDONS DON'T WORK - Copying Folders Problem??

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SIMS 4 WINESKIN - ADDONS DON'T WORK - Copying Folders Problem??

Post by starfightergirl on Mon 20 Feb 2017, 18:45

Help Hi! I appreciate all that you guys do here and I have benefited from it previously. At this time, I've installed the base game Sims 4 and I got it to work. Then I added the content for Get to Work and the game still operated, but it did not show any new content. I tried adding all of the addons and the game would never start. I spent 24 hours trying to solve this and do every technical walkthrough I knew how. Here is what I know:

  1. I was successful in running the base game (so far perfectly), but nothing else.

  2. I have no origin errors whatsoever. I didn't even have origin installed until I thought perhaps not having it installed was the problem.

  3. I copied the contents of all folders (not the entire folders) - this produced game errors (fatal error)

  4. I tried using the ultimate fix after installing all folders - fatal error

*I am using G4TW downloads ONLY

I feel there is some step I'm missing.

  • I created a new wineskin wrapper.

  • I installed the base game on it. (ran

  • I copied the contents of all the Get to Work folders over (ran game - fatal error)

Previously I tried installing all add-ons before checking in between each time whether it was working, but I stopped this because I figured it would help me find exactly where the error was.

My firewall is on and not accepting anything coming in...BUT this might be irrelevant since I didn't have Origin in the first place.

If ANYONE has gotten all the add-ons to work PLEASE PLEASE HELP!  ANY advice would be helpful. I have really tried everything I know how to do and for some reason GET TO WORK content doesn't show up and if I add any more games like Get Together, the game gets errors.

I'm using a Mac with Wineskin and the base game runs VERY well. It's just the base game is not what I wanted. I was hoping to try City Living if possible and I really love the doctor career in Get to Work and the social system of Get Together. 

Why. If I have made any errors or not searched the site enough, I apologize. This is the first time I was stuck so bad I needed to post a question. I have read the Wineskin tutorial LITERALLY 50 times word for word. The folder copying is where my game stops working properly.

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