Sims 4 unable to start, needs Origin update

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Sims 4 unable to start, needs Origin update

Post by Simsnina1 on Wed 22 Feb 2017, 14:32

I'm new here, so Im sorry if Im not allowed to open a new topic or so Embarrassing...
I searched down the whole games4theworld website and the forum to fix my problem, however I can't find a solution.

I download the Sims 4 (torrent) and got the Get to work from games4theworld. Then I wanted the ultimate fix (I should have downloaded the other 2 extensions) and my game didn't work anymore.

I uninstalled the game with Revo Uninstaller and removed everything and tried to re-download (for like 5 times), using the instructions given.
Whenever I try to start the Sims, it says its unable to start and I need to update it in Origin.

I hope somebody can help me, thanks a lot!


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Re: Sims 4 unable to start, needs Origin update

Post by Tarac on Wed 22 Feb 2017, 15:23

A message appears that the game can't be started because it was created by a newer version of the game, Update via Origin

You also played the game with a legal copy of the Sims 4.
In that case go to the folder C:\users\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
Delete the file GameVersion.
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