Vintage Glamour Items Aren't Showing Up

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Vintage Glamour Items Aren't Showing Up

Post by 26lor on Sat 04 Mar 2017, 18:13

I redownloaded all the expansions due to an issue with the game crashing but since I redownloaded everything, none of the vintage glamour items are showing up. The game gave me the preview thing of it where it shows the items and it says something along the lines of "Welcome to the Vintage Glamour stuff pack". Both the CAS items and the furniture items wont show up, but I can see pre-made vintage glamour rooms and pre-made outfits. Its like the game is registering the pack as installed but none of the items are showing up. When I use the Vintage Glamour only tag in build mode, it gives the message that nothing matche the search. Anyone know how I can fix this? :<


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