Help with seemingly random crashes

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Help with seemingly random crashes

Post by whokilledbob on Fri 17 Mar 2017, 19:49


I am getting these random crashes. They occur almost at all kinds of places. First crash was just when playing the household, not doing anything special, cooking or something. Then I got another crash while building, loading some items. I tried to go to the same items to see if it crashed again, it did, i thought maybe it was corrupt CC. I went trough the horrid experience of trying out all my CC individually. Everything worked fine when I did like 100-ish items at a time, but as soon as I placed it all back again, the crashes started up again, this time when building, but not at the same place. I removed all CC and the entire documents>electronic arts folder. No crash. Tried with a new save and like half of my CC and it worked, so I figure i'd try with all of it (maybe it was the old save that was messed up). It still isn't working and the crashes occur mostly while placing lots from my gallery.

So I'm no expert, but I've played sims for like 15 years and I was 100% sure it was some weird CC causing it but now I'm not sure. Can it be that it's crashing cause my graphic card isn't up for the task of loading all the CC? I had all the same CC for like two months without adding anything new and it always worked, the crashing is a recent thing and at first it was rare, but now it crashes as soon as I start doing anything "real" like building.

Super confused, would be happy for any help. Wat.


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Re: Help with seemingly random crashes

Post by Shamrock on Mon 03 Apr 2017, 21:26

Hello and welcome to the forum.
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner Sad

So here, your problem is one of two:
* Either this is a hardware problem from your machine, not powerful enough to run the game. Please rule this out by checking this website.
* Or, your CC is corrupted (one or several parts of it). This is the trickier part. Delphy's Dashboard is not available for TS4, so you might need to go the hard way. I'll explain:
- Try this first. No guarantee it will work, but if it does, it will save you A LOT of trouble.
- Otherwise, this is how to go it the hard way: divide your whole set of CC into two parts. Put them in two different folders on your desktop. Try the game with either part. If one part lets the game run smoothly, then (phew) put it into one folder that will have been renamed as Good CC. Then repeat the same operation with the second set (cut it in half, try with both, ...) until you have sorted out the corrupted CC. If both sets do not work, I'm afraid you're screwed, and you need to do the same process above for both halves.

Good luck!
A quicker solution would be to delete all CC and go back from scratch. But if you want to keep them, try this out.
In any case, tell us how it went!

Have some tea, and take care!
Best regards,


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