Unable to place lots? Forever loading screen.

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Unable to place lots? Forever loading screen.

Post by kimena on Thu 23 Mar 2017, 17:58

Hello! I only recently created an account on g4tw, but i've been searching the forum pretty thoroughly and i don't believe i've seen any solutions to the problem that i experience! Forgive me if i'm wrong.

Whenever i try to build a lot (no CC whatsoever, just base and expansion game lots) on an empty one, it takes me to a loading screen that just NEVER ends? I've never had this problem during previous installs of the game before, in which i did nothing different and i'm pretty confused on what to do, since i'd really like to use the new spa and dine out lots in my game!

Help is greatly appreciated! Very Happy


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Re: Unable to place lots? Forever loading screen.

Post by Tarac on Thu 23 Mar 2017, 18:52

For ever loading screens.

4 possible solutions:

1. Maybe you have not installed all DLC's or in the wrong order - do npt apply the ulimate fix
2. Your folder The Sims 4 in User\Documents\Elkectronic Arts is damaged, rename the existing folder The Sims 4_old and start your game again as administrator.
3. Your folder in Documents\Electronic Arts is not inline with your installed DLC's. Download an EMPTY FOLDER ,extract with Winrar open the downloaded folder to find another folder named de Sims 4, rename it to the foldername in your language, such as The Sims 4, Les Sims 4, Die Sims 4. Rename the existing folder The Sims 4 in Documents\Electronic Arts to The Sims 4_old and now copy the downloaded and extracted (and evt. renamed) folder to Documents\Electronic Arts. Now start your agme as an administrator.

This empty folder (only 32 KB download) contains all requirements for all DLC's upto and incl. City Living, so no welcomescreens for these DLC's when you start your game.
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