sims3 loading takes 4 hours

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sims3 loading takes 4 hours

Post by mirsha Today at 05:46

Hi.My sims3 takes 4 hours to load.

The first loading (before selecting a family) takes about 5-7 minutes
and the second loading (after selecting a family) takes 3-4 hours.
also saving time is long.. about 5-7 minutes.
Everything is too slow and it drives me crazy.

My 4 hours family is on 9th generation and it's appalosa village.
I have showtime, pets, seasons, supernatural, ambitions, late night, generations.
My mods folder is 571MB.

I use laptop and it's SSD
it's window 10, intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200 CPU @ 2.20GHz(4CPUs) ~2.2GHz
8192MB RAM
Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500

I can't post dxdiag because my language is not english so I think you can't read.
so if you need more information please tell me.

I've tried many solutions but nothing helped.

I played in vanila (no CCs) and it doesn't work. so I think it's not a item problem.
and I tried with a new family. and it's faster than 4 hours family though.. but it still takes about 1-2 hours and I think it's not normal.
and i've tried cleaning a village with Mastercore modes and it never helps.
also I cleaned caches and thumbnails and other stuffs...and it doesn't work.
low graphics.. i've tried.

maybe you'll think it's computer problem, but I'm still curious.
because when I use laptop which has lower specs, it worked well.
I changed laptop because the previous one had saving errors.
but after changing laptop, no saving error, no lags, but serious loading problems.

plus, 1920x1080 window screen is black.
I can hear the music and I think it's working well.
I've checked graphic driver and I saw two graphic cards- Intel and Nvidia.
I found a post which says deleting Intel graphic solved the problem.
So I delete Intel graphic, and it DESTROYED my cpu's display.

please help me......... Help Help Help Help Help Help


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Re: sims3 loading takes 4 hours

Post by Tarac Today at 10:17

Move your family to another lot. - Save the game.
Move them back - save the game again.

Not better ?

1. Rightclick on an open space on your desktop, select Nvidia en set your Nvidia graphics Card for the Sims 3 or set to Default for all graphics tasks. (3D configuration)
2. Do a CTRL+ALT+DEL (Taskmanager) - Startup - uncheck all items.
3. WINDOWSKEY + R  type msconfig in the small window and click on OK. Select Services. Check the box for hiding all Microsoft services. Uncheck all other remaining items except for your anti-virus and Nvidia Display Driver Service.
4. Reboot your computer.

Still not better ?
Please report.
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